Adulting: Making Life Decisions

Adulting: Making Life Decisions

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Making choices is difficult. Period. However, in the second post in the series ‘The Lifework’, Jana helps us through thinking about our life choices in a way that puts God at the very centre!

The Lifework : Making the Choice.

To make a choice has always been one of the most difficult and frustrating things I have had to do. There are people who make decisions easily. I am not one of them. But once in a while we all face a decision that is hard to make, and we have no idea how to find the best way to do it. Oftentimes, these choices are linked with choosing a place to study, finding a job, becoming a missionary, attempting to understand your strengths and unique talents, finding a spouse or leaving your home.

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to live a boring, simple life just because “that’s how it’s done”. Deep inside of us we have this certainty that there is a purpose that God made us for. And it’s true. God Himself says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” (Eph. 2:10) According to this and many other verses in Bible God has a plan, He has a place for you!

Great! We know this, right? We have heard this ever so often from our pastors on Sabbath, and it almost frustrates us because, HOW can I understand WHAT is that place or that thing I should do and devote my life to? Haven’t I prayed, maybe even cried for it? Haven’t I tried to find answers in the Bible?


These are questions I have asked as well. I am a firm believer that God has the best plan for everyone and that everyone should find their place in God’s plan and use their potential to maximum. I want to share some thoughts I have discovered observing and analyzing my own life and the lives of others.

Yes, you should keep praying and search for God’s will in the Bible, you will find answers there! But at the same time, it is very, very important to be honest with yourself and to answer the following questions fairly.

1. Do I really believe that God wants me to be happy? Do I believe that He knows better what I need?
2. Do I really want to be in a place where God wants me to be, with all my heart?
3. Am I ready to change my plans if God wants me to?

These questions are so important because they show our relationships with God and it all starts there. If we don't have a trust-based relationship with God or see Him as a loving Father (maybe in theory we do, but I am talking about reality), we can't chose His will for our life because we don't want that. Answers to these questions directly affect our actions and choices. Sometimes we pray for God’s guidance, but at the same time we are afraid that He will give something that we don't like or want.

What if I can’t answer these questions positively? Does that mean that God can’t lead me, and I have no hope? Making a choice is difficult. But we can start small. We realise there is not much we control in this life. The only thing we can control is what we choose. We can always make a choice, even if the answers to the above mentioned questions are negative. We can still choose to say: God, I don’t trust you, I don’t want to give my dreams to you, I’m not sure that your plan is the best, but I want to want that. Today I chose to want and desire your will in my life. I have no strength and will to do that, but I give it to you, as much as I can.


With our choice we can accept or reject God’s blessings, be a tool in His hands or shut down His power in our lives. Our choice is not the strength for change, it is God who changes us, when we choose to allow Him to change us.

Some of us can give a positive answers to these questions, but we still have no clue what to do. Often, we just have to make a decision and take a step forward somewhere, trusting that God will open or close the doors and let us know, because, He will. Sometimes ,we are forced to just wait patiently, keep praying and searching for answers. Maybe for a long time. Sometimes to our “why” there is no answer. Sometimes the answer is simply: Trust me.

That is what I have learned over last few years, when God has opened and closed doors for me. I have prayed the prayer I sometimes dread:

God, Your way, not mine.

And indeed, it has been His way. My way was to go to a mission school, then to be a biology teacher. My way was to make my own plan, lead my own life and do what I feel is right to do. But His way for me has been to study in university, to be an IT teacher, to lead a wonderful group of young people and experience His love and patience in growing my character for eternity. It’s tough, I’ll say that much. And it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve experienced. But it always starts with small choices; to say that prayer, to be honest and let God do the rest.

From the moment Jana Jansone fell in love with Jesus almost 12 years have passed - the best years of her life. For now, her main ministry is leading IMPACT Latvia and serving in her local church. She graduated from the University of Latvia this summer and is now working as an IT teacher in public school. She enjoys her job with all her heart.