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27th December 2018

Would you like to support the GYC movement in Europe?

GYC Europe is a youth-led, volunteer movement that is dedicated to to mobilising young people for mission and service, particularly in a local church context (1).

As a volunteer movement, we rely on funding from donations for the vital work that we do. Many of our donations come from individual supporters, a large number of whom have benefited directly from our work. We would love to partner with you financially and would ask that you prayerfully consider supporting us.

GYC Europe has setup a Donor Box page that accepts donations via Paypal and Credit card. GYC Europe also accepts bank transfers. These can be found below.

Bank info:
GYC Europe
NL94 ABNA 0556 2292 66

If you would like to support a specific GYC Europe project, such as a Focus event, Evangelism Spiral or Outreach , please contact treasurer@gyceurope.org for further details.

For more information or help with transfers, please contact treasurer@gyceurope.org.

(1): GYC Europe does not accept the return of tithe, as tithe should be returned to your local Seventh-day Adventist church

GYC Europe

GYC Europe

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