Transition Announcement

Transition Announcement

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Dear Friends,

I do pray that all is well with you all and that your walk with God is going from strength to strength.

In 2015 I accepted the call to serve as GYC Europe president. During that time I had the opportunity to serve with a wonderful team of individuals with many talents.

I have seen the organising of our teams and work, FOCUS events in UK and Romania, social media growth and evangelism opportunities with the Evangelism Spiral.

One of my biggest tasks was to keep my eyes open for a young person to take on the position as President. Looking for such a person is definitely a humbling experience as you pray and present names to The Lord and you watch for Him to show you whom He has selected. I can say my prayers were answered.

It is my privilege to present to you all Anna Scheglov as the new President of GYC Europe. Anna served as the Vice President for Networking Department and was instrumental in implementing the Evangelism Spiral. Born in Kiev, Anna moved with her family to Germany in 2004. Anna is currently completing her Masters in Optical and Photonics and also works as a research associate at her University.

Prayer is always the first place I have seen Anna go to in regards to her decisions, the Bible has been and continues to be her foundation, and evangelism is a lifestyle she lives, breathes and promotes.

God will do a great work through her and the team of GYC Europe.

Craig Gooden