The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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Everybody wants to be happy in life. Nobody is a fan of trouble and problems.
But how exactly can you be happy?
Nowadays you will get many different answers to this question:
Striving for the perfect body and being healthy will make you happy.
Having a killer job and being successful at your firm.
Being famous and having lots of money.
The list goes on.

Satan tries his best to give us the impression that life is about you and that you have to do all these things to find happiness. He uses all the different media outlets to lead you to believe that buying that product, doing that thing, or reaching that goal will make the difference and then you can finally be happy and have peace.

But all of this is a lie.

The truth is that it will never make you happy if you just care about yourself, your wishes and your life. Life is not about having the newest gadget, sporting a size zero, or trying to be the best at something.
Life is about caring for other people, sharing the gospel and being there for the people around you.
This is our God intended mission in life.
This is what will make you truly happy.

I experienced this personally when I started to work with GYC two years ago.
God put a longing in my heart to start praying for a specific ministry. So I started praying for a place where I could use my talents for God and work for Him. I did that for a while and nothing happened. And then one day an old friend called me out of the blue and asked me to join the team.
It was as simple as that.
I had never thought about working with GYC. I hadn’t even been able to attend one of their conferences before. Nonetheless I was thrilled and happy to help.
But at the same time I was afraid of the unknown.
I didn’t know what to expect. The whole planning process was something totally new for me. I had never done something like that before. But I knew that God wanted me to do it, so I said Yes even though it wasn’t easy for me.
You should know that I’m a planner and a perfectionist. It was always really hard for me to let go and let God have control over my life. But God often puts us into places like that, where we face challenges and where we have to do things we have never done before or things we’re actually afraid of, because He wants us to rely on Him instead of our own understanding. He only does that so we can trust Him more and more.

Working with GYC at my very first conference was challenging and a lot of work. But sharing God’s word and witnessing to other people has been the most rewarding and blessed experience of my life. Working, sacrificing sleep, but at the same time seeing lives changed, has filled my heart with joy and happiness like nothing else could.
That’s what life is about.
When Jesus came to this earth He lived for other people. He cared for their needs. He showed them sympathy and He touched their hearts with His words of life.
Who else should be our example in life than Jesus?

God has so much in store for us.
There is so much work to do but the cool thing is: There are so many different ministries and ways to share God’s gospel! God knows you best and He will put you exactly where you’re supposed to be. Where you will grow and learn the most and where you can be the greatest blessing.

If you haven’t found your place yet, I challenge you to pray for it specifically.
God will answer your prayer and you will find out what true happiness is.

It is in unselfish ministry that true happiness is found. — Ellen White, ML 165.