The new GYC Europe website

The new GYC Europe website

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We are creating a whole new website concept for GYC Europe. Especially to accommodate the three pillars, Active Missions, Local Rallies, Conferences. We will launch a website which we envision to have three parts.

  • Timeline
  • Explorer
  • Network

We are happy to announce that the Timeline is live today. It is a collection of valuable spiritual content from around the web and our own writers. Each piece of content -be it curated, moderated, or created by GYC- has the goal of equipping you in your daily walk with God, and to fix your eyes upon heavenly things instead of earthly (Col 3:2).

Via the square button in the upper right-hand corner the menu can be expanded. In this menu you will be able to navigate over the website and select content by tags.

In the coming months we will be working on the Explorer and Network part of the website, and will keep you informed about the progress.

Are you interested in helping us out? Please send an email to