The Holy Spirit is like a dove

The Holy Spirit is like a dove

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I am very passionate about birds. There are few things that make my heart beat faster than being able to come close to, feed, or even hold a bird in my hands. God has given me experiences lately that make me smile about how He cares even for the most seemingly unimportant and small things in our lives.

A few days ago, I sat in the garden and had the opportunity to watch a dove that decided to spend her time sitting not far from me. Several days I enjoyed the company of this beautiful creature. This experience made me think of a symbol that is used in the Bible – the Holy Spirit, descending like a dove. But why a dove? One of the things that I observed while being close to the dove was my attitude towards the bird. Do you know this feeling when you try not to make any fast or sudden movements in order not to scare away a bird? And is it not the same with the Holy Spirit? As easy as you can chase the bird away by uncareful movements, you can by disobedience make the Holy Spirit leave, showing that He is not welcome in your life.

God taught me an unforgettable lesson concerning the leading of the Holy Spirit in the summer of 2014, at the last GYC Europe conference. As the time of the outreach drew near, one of the things I asked from God was to send me where He wished me to serve. Earlier, my sister and I had been invited by some of our friends to join the health expo. Since I had never attended one before, the idea to learn more about this service appealed to me. I was hoping, that it was God’s will for me to take part in that. As I made my way to a workshop that was just about to start, I saw my sister talking to a man I didn’t know. As I joined them, I found out that this brother was desperately looking for two outreach group leaders. As soon as I came over he asked me if I could volunteer too. These leaders were supposed to guide a group to the flash mob, and afterwards, go door to door for outreach. After this conversation, I saw myself confronted with a difficult decision. On the one hand I was excited to go to the health expo and to experience a new type of work in the health area. On the other hand I had a strong impression that I had to help out as an outreach volunteer. Like never before, I was convinced what the right thing to do was, but strangely all my inner being arose in dissatisfaction about the thought of going somewhere else. God reminded me of my morning prayer and the promise I made, to do whatever He asked me to do. With a fearful heart about this task I had never done, and was not prepared to do, I agreed to lead the outreach group. However as soon as I decided to do what God was asking me to do, my heart was filled with great peace.

As always God was faithful! It was so rewarding to meet many new brothers and sisters, being inspired by great conversations, having a beautiful outreach experience, and even receiving encouragement through a verse that was shared. Actually all of this was not a reward, but just God’s original blessing for me to receive. All of God’s plans are beautiful and go far beyond our understanding!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11-13.

If you ask me now, “What is the best thing that God can do in your life?” I will answer: To be in the center of His will. That is the path of true joy and peace.

The Holy Spirit is like a bird. Disobedience causes us to chase away the shy dove from the garden of our mind. Obeying His voice by doing what you know is right, makes you more experienced in discerning His voice. You will draw nearer and nearer to Him and he will guide as you allow Him step by step to change your life.