Ministry Spotlight: PEACE

Ministry Spotlight: PEACE

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PEACE is an evangelistic training school that is based in the country of England and operated by the North England Conference. It was started in 2010 and since then has conducted one class per year graduating over 100 students thus far. PEACE was started to provide an opportunity for people in Europe, to participate in a four month Bible school program in English, without having to go outside of Europe.


PEACE is a Bible school that aims to give students a clearer understanding and a deeper appreciation of our beliefs as Seventh-day Adventists. It also seeks to equip students to share their faith effectively in daily life (in school, workplace, or with family members) and in public (by preaching, conducting Bible studies, and working in a public evangelistic series). This twofold purpose is reflected in the acronym of PEACE, which stands for Practical Evangelism and Adventist Christian Education. Practical Evangelism forms a foundation of the training program as what we teach in class must be practical. Adventist Christian Education is the inseparable twin pillar as during the course students will receive a deeper understanding and knowledge of the core teachings of the Adventist church.


The four month course is a full time program where students will live together with the other students. Many students say that the close relationships that are formed during this time are life changing as students become part of a family. As students participate in outreach, they will have the experience of working with the local church, working in the local community, and working in a 3-4 week evangelistic campaign. The experience of being involved in evangelism is often the highlight of many students’ time at PEACE.

The Practical Evangelism classes include Personal Evangelism, Public Evangelism, Homiletics, Principles and Skills of Teaching, and Church Planting. The Adventist Christian Education classes include Church History, Daniel and Revelation, Righteousness by Faith, Final Events, The Sanctuary, and Biblical Ethics.

Besides the four month course, PEACE also offers one week intensives (Present Truth) and weekend training programs (Precious Work). The one week intensives occur during the four month program when we open up the classes in a particular week for people to come and take that subject.

Teachers on the course include the three full time staff: Adam Ramdin, Beulah Plunkett, and Craig Gooden. We also have several guest teachers who include pastors/laity from around the UK and some overseas teachers, amongst whom we have had Pastor Justin Kim, Pastor Stephen Bohr, Pastor Emanuel Baek, Eugene Prewitt, and Dave Fiedler.

During the course we go on several field trips to sites of historic importance to the Christian church, such as John Wycliffe’s church in Lutterworth and Oxford, England.

Being based in the North England Conference allows us to move the program around every two years. This year the course will be based in the north of England in a town called Huddersfield. The dates of the course are July 5th to November 5th, 2016. More details can be found at

To Aspiring Students

We pray that God may lead you in your ministry wherever you are and if God leads you to come to PEACE then we look forward to seeing you.