Ministry Spotlight: Menorah Mission School

Ministry Spotlight: Menorah Mission School

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“For who has despised the day of small things?” Zechariah 4:10

The emphasis given by the Bible to small things is very encouraging for ministries who are at an early stage of their existence.
That’s the kind of experience that we are living at Menorah Mission School. Located in northwest Italy, Menorah Mission School was founded in 2015 by a group of young lay people who were on fire for the Lord. Each of us, having been trained in different mission schools, had a burden on our heart to begin something similar in Italy. And in His mercy God did not overlook our desire.


Being mostly inexperienced in the field of mission training, we had to learn by doing, studying from, and rediscovering the writings of Ellen G. White and of other Adventist pioneers what the true concept of education is. The key we found, and that we are striving to improve upon, is to have a right balance of theoretical and practical learning, to help the students to develop their character, growing closer to Jesus and being better fitted for His service. The mission statement of the school is: “Kindle the flame. Keep it burning. Light up the world.” From small beginnings, God can bring about a great light for the blessing of many. This is the experience we desire for our students.


Menorah Mission School aims to help Adventist young people to grow in their spiritual journey, develop a closer relationship with God and learn practical skills and precious lessons that will be useful in their service for God, wherever He will lead them during their life. To accomplish this purpose, we offer a 9-month training course in our beautiful location in Italy, which includes theoretical classes and practical experience in the fields of Bible, Evangelism, Health and Agriculture. The students who attend our course gain friendships that will stay with them for their whole life and will learn, for example, about the biblical concept of righteousness by faith, how to give a Bible study, how to give hydrotherapy, how to plan for an evangelistic campaign, how to prune an olive tree and much more. The course begins in late August/early September every year. It includes, among other experiences, a 4-week mission trip in a third-world country and, starting from 2017, more than 40 hours that the students will spend in practicing two areas of their choice among which could be preaching, teaching, massage and hydrotherapy. The tuition costs of the course, which includes the mission trip, is 4,900 euros. To apply and for further information, you can visit our website or follow our Facebook page.


Our course is in continual development and we strive every year to improve our curriculum in order to offer a complete and balanced combination of theoretical and practical activities that may better prepare for effective mission work. If you realize that God is calling you to serve Him and if you desire to be trained for this purpose, prayerfully take into consideration applying to our school. From small things God can do great works!

Claudio Caronia is the director of Menorah Mission School.