Ministry Spotlight: European Network of Adventist Doctors (ENAD)

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The idea and concept of European Network of Adventist Doctors (ENAD) was born in 2012 based on a united prayer of young people and their urge to network and serve within the medical field in order to conduct joint projects and realize visions related to medical missionary work. In a marvelous manner, God inspired medical students and young physicians to come together to combine their potentials and talents—the network’s consistently growing foundation.


We aim to motivate, train, and equip health professionals and associates with a biblical approach to restore Christ’s Ministry of Healing to the world. We believe in the superior strength of a medical NETWORK that centers on core Christian values: Healing people holistically—“body, mind, and spirit.” Based on Biblical principles and the Spirit of Prophecy, we are striving to spread the Adventist health message, a healthy lifestyle that originates from a healthy relation to God as our Creator. Therefore not only by word but also by action we want to serve our society by means of practical ministries.

“We are now to unify, and by true medical missionary work prepare the way for our coming King.”—Ellen White, Medical Ministry, 22.


Investing in young medical professionals and motivated supporters is one of the main goals of ENAD, for young people are today’s future workers in the mission field. We meet at conferences and local gatherings to get to know each other better, strengthen the European Network, and expand the Adventist health-supporting community.

For this purpose, ENAD encourages participation in health centers with short- and long-term medical mission assignments, in both domestic and foreign-mission projects. Another planned long term vision includes motivating supporters to establish small local treatment rooms and health care centers.

ENAD is striving to scientifically strengthen the officially acknowledged Adventist lifestyle principles (through our own research) and comprehensively implement them based on the Newstart concept. For this purpose, ENAD seeks to provide to its members modern information and exchange database with a wide range of materials (studies, presentations, ppts) to help keep current research in lifestyle-medicine up-to-date.

Plans and Upcoming Events

We are excited to announce regular meetings at the level of local chapters and beyond. We would love to extend in particular a warm invitation to this year’s ENAD Conference! Are you a physician, dentist, physical therapist, nurse, medical student, or a dedicated church member? If so, then our conference, located in a beautiful area of South Germany, will be a blessing and highly beneficial for you.

Guided by the motto “Heartbeat - Walking in His Footsteps” and through various programs, workshops and even a moderate hiking tour, we want to get to know each other better and expand our network of the Adventist health-supporting community. Subsequent to the ENAD-Conference, the first ENAD-Missions-Week will take place in Germany. The idea behind this initiative is to apply our health knowledge and to get active in serving at a refugee-camp and the local community.

On our homepage you can find posts on various health related topics as well as the latest information concerning the ENAD-2016-Conference and the refugee-mission-camp.

Andreas Binus is a co-director of ENAD.