Ministry Spotlight : Adventist Students on Campus

Ministry Spotlight : Adventist Students on Campus

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It only takes one spark to start a forest fire.

From the year of 2013, a vision was placed on the hearts of the young people in the North England Conference (NEC) in the UK. Little did they know that this flame would spread from one person to another, from one campus to the next, and finally to the whole of the NEC!

ASC was founded by Pastor Adam Ramdin in September 2015 after a surge in the creation of Adventist societies at Universities. For several years, student days were a regular occurrence in the youth calendar and a main feature of these were showcases of current Adventist societies. It was at these events that the vision was placed in the hearts of many students for this ministry.

At the time, Universities with Adventist Societies running included Leeds, Wolverhampton, De Montfort in Leicester, Coventry, Derby, Bradford and Manchester. This has since grown, and then are now 17 societies conducting activities on their campuses within the North!

ASC exists for two reasons. Firstly, alarming rates of young people leave the church during their University years. As a result, ASC exists to retain youth that might otherwise leave the church and to help strengthen their relationship with God. Secondly, we aim to fulfill the great commission to go and make disciples of ALL men and women. As students on secular campuses, we have a great opportunity to be a light in an often dark environment. There are 51 Universities within the North and our aim is to have an active ASC ministry on all campuses that have an Adventist presence.

In order to retain Adventist students as well as reach students who are seeking the truth, ASC societies plan their year based on the cycle of evangelism. From sowing, to cultivating, then harvesting and nurturing, each of these 4 periods focus on different activities. These are not limited to weekly Bible studies, but may also include exercise sessions, cooking demonstrations, special one-off events that focus on topics such as relationships or other youth and student related topics. These activities are usually free of charge, provided that students pay a membership fee for the year, which can be as little as £2! Other opportunities include training on how to set up and run a society by previous ASC leaders who form the ASC Advisory. These training programmes are offered in the form of a 5-day retreat, or over a weekend.

Our ultimate goal as ASC is for souls to be won for the kingdom, students to be trained in discipleship and fulfil the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20.

If you attend a university in the North England Conference, we invite you to attend an ASC session! If there is no student society in on your campus, but you are seeking to start something, feel free to get in contact via our Facebook page or email us at:

If you’d like to find out more about ASC, visit or

NEC ASC Advisory