Do you have time for eternity?

Do you have time for eternity?

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So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 (NKJV)

Psalm 90 is a prayer by Moses. Verse 12 is very realistic: Moses seemed to be well aware that life is fleeting. Life is limited to a number of days; hopefully many days for all of us. Did Moses need God to teach him how to count days, weeks, months and years? I doubt it. So what was he praying for?
Little children look forward to their birthdays and love growing up, but they hardly understand how fast time will pass. When I ask my cousin how old she is, she responds

“I’m 4... but almost 5 and when I’m 6, I start school.”

Then all of a sudden we’re not children anymore, and during our teenage years we make plans and dream about all the things we’ll do when we “grow up”. Then many go to college and experience perhaps the busiest years of their lives. The famous comic that reads “sleep, homework and social life – choose two” is not inaccurate.

I’m currently in college so I can’t tell you how the next chapters in life will be. However, I’ve heard from reliable sources that once one has kids and starts working, time seems to literally fly. And in some cases people end up asking themselves, Where did my days go?

Moses wasn't asking for a lesson in counting. I believe he was asking God to give him a true perspective on time. Is it possible that we sometimes live life too fast, focusing only on our daily duties without an eternal perspective in mind? Ellen G. White writes:

“The value of time is beyond computation. Christ regarded every moment as precious, and it is thus that we should regard it.” – To Be Like Jesus, 78.

Wow. Our talents belong to God, but we are accountable for them! This includes our time. Every single moment is precious, and as it passes, it cannot be retrieved.

Although our days are numbered on earth, they won’t be in heaven. As Christians, our objective is to gain a knowledge of God, spread the good news, and prepare for eternity. Eternal life is a promise (1. John 2:25). In this life we are affected by wasted days and sad experiences. I can hardly imagine how amazing an eternal life of enjoyable happy moments will be!
I encourage you, and myself, to live every moment with the eternal goal in mind. Make the most of your days, that they may be full of meaning and be spent for the glory of God. Ask God for the wisdom that Moses prayed for, wisdom to look beyond our temporal wants and desires.

Prioritize your busy day for the things that really matter so that you have time for eternity.