Ask 2020 Virtual Conference

From 21-30 August 2020, ASI Europe and GYC Europe will be hosting a joint virtual conference.

The theme, 'Ask', places a special emphasis on the power and necessity of prayer in the christian life. GYC Europe believes that,

We have come to serious times. Events in our world call upon every follower of Christ to be totally in earnest in our relationship with God. To strengthen this relationship and satisfy our emotional and spiritual needs, we must learn the power of prayer. We must plead with the Lord, like the disciples of old, saying, β€œLord, teach us to pray.”” - Prayer, pg. 1.3

It is our prayer that you will be able to join us for this convention as we plead for God to lead us to a higher prayer experience and for Him to pour his Holy Spirit upon us.

In addition to hearing inspiring sermons, we will be providing you with the opportunity to virtually attend informative workshops, connect with other Adventists from across Europe and network with ministries from around the world. 😊


Our upcoming virtual conference will provide you with the opportunity to shape your own experience by selecting from a variety of seminars that will be presented by international speakers from across the world and we are excited to present some of them to you:

Translation (Interpretation)

The primary language for the sessions will be English. However, we will make arrangements to provide interpretation for some of the workshops. Please note that we are unable to cover every language, due to the wide diversity of languages spoken in Europe, but we will seek to provide for the most commonly requested languages as indicated in the registration forms.


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